New South Wales 2023

Insulin Safety Week

Insulin Safety Week returns to help protect more patients from insulin error

A week-long campaign aimed at reducing insulin error among healthcare staff returns to six South West Sydney hospitals this summer.

Following on from the success of 2019, six hospitals across the area have once again signed up to Insulin Safety Week, which will run from October 16 to October 22 to coincide with National Diabetes Week.

 An online resource pack, containing graphics, templates and guidelines, is also available to all New South Wales hospitals interested in running an Insulin Safety Week campaign. The pack includes a free e-learning topic from the Western Diabetes Educational Programme.

To receive a pack, email registrations on, providing the following information:

  • Lead organiser’s name
  • Name of health organisation
  • Number of participating sites (including names of each).

Or register via a form here

This project has been funded by Sanofi who have had no input into any arrangements or content.


To obtain the link please register. 

The story of the Insulin Safety campaign


Hospital-wide campaigns to reduce insulin error began in 2019, with the launch of Insulin Safety Month across a number of South West Sydney hospitals.

Staff ran high-profile and engaging campaigns to raise awareness among colleagues about the importance of good insulin management.

They used a combination of online and printed resources to draw attention to the vital insulin ‘checklist’, including posters, social media graphics, t-shirts, and top tip lists.

The campaign was very well received by hospitals, with diabetes staff keen to educate colleagues.

Initiatives included:

  • A designated information desk
  • Wards around the hospital received visits from diabetes staff for education on safe administration of insulin
  • Diabetes champions presented the video resource on insulin safety to the nurses on their wards and others
  • Lucky draw prize box
  • Promotion of Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) Australia
  • The use the hypo simulators.

On the back of this successful campaign, Insulin Safety Week returns in 2023. Along with the South West Sydney hospitals taking part, the online resource pack will also available to all New South Wales hospitals.

The campaign is organised by Orange Juice Communications.