Following a phenomenally successful, first-ever national Insulin Safety Week (ISW), the campaign is back. Together with Hypo Awareness Week (HAW), this year we are running Insulin Safety Week across the UK and Ireland.

A total of 343 sites took part in the inaugural, nationally-organised ISW in 2018, while a record-breaking 531 sites were involved in the 2019 campaign. The campaign was delayed in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but still went ahead, this time in July, with the demand for insulin safety still vitally important, with 415 sites taking part. The campaign went back to its usual month in 2021 with 516 sites taking part. In 2022, 425 sites participated and a further 529 sites participated in 2023. Thank you again for all your amazing efforts in raising awareness of hypoglycaemia and insulin safety. You are phenomenal.

Last year was great but we’re now fully focused on this year’s ISW and HAW and we have got some new and exciting plans for both campaigns.


Insulin Safety Week – May 13 to 19
Hypo Awareness Week – October 7 to 13


To take part, email registrations@ojpr.co.uk. Please state which campaign you want to take part in or if you want to sign up for both. Also, please provide the following information:

  • Lead organiser’s name
  • Name of trust/organisation
  • Number and names of participating sites
  • Telephone number
  • Full address for printed pack (please include all addresses if you’re registering for multiple sites, please also be a specific as possible)