After the unprecedented success of the inaugural national Insulin Safety Week (ISW), the campaign is making a triumphant return alongside Hypo Awareness Week (HAW), expanding its reach across the entire UK this year.

In 2018, a remarkable 343 sites participated in the first nationally-organised ISW, followed by a record-breaking 531 sites in 2019. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the campaign persevered and took place in July, underscoring the ongoing importance of insulin safety with 415 sites actively involved. In 2021, the campaign returned to its usual month with 516 sites, followed by 425 sites in 2022, and an impressive 529 sites in 2023. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed to raising awareness of hypoglycaemia and insulin safety – your efforts are truly phenomenal.

While last year was exceptional, our focus is now fully directed towards this year’s ISW and HAW, accompanied by exciting new plans for both campaigns.

Important Dates:

Insulin Safety Week: July 1 to 7

Hypo Awareness Week: October 7 to 13

To participate, kindly email registrations@ojpr.co.uk, specifying your interest in either or both campaigns. Provide the following details:

Lead organiser’s name:

Name of trust/organisation:

Number and names of participating sites:

Telephone number:

Full address for the printed pack (include all addresses for multiple sites, please be as specific as possible).


Your commitment and enthusiasm are invaluable as we continue our collective efforts to enhance awareness and promote insulin safety. Thank you for being part of this vital campaign.

Insulin Safety Week 2024 has been funded by Dexcom, Embecta, GlucoRx, Medtronic, Sanofi and Ypsomed which have had no input into any arrangements or content.