ISW Ambassador

Kings College Hospital NHS Trust, London

Mrs. Geraldine Gallen

Type 1 Service Lead, Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse Kings College Hospital, London.

ABCD- Diabetes Technology Network- UK Vice- Chair.

Geraldine Gallen is a Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse, currently working at Kings College Hospital, London. She has been in this position for over seventeen years and is the lead for the Type 1 diabetes service. Geraldine’s main clinical interest is in the management and education of all patients with Type 1 diabetes including those patients experiencing problematic hypoglycaemia, and along with the team at Kings offers a full range of treatments including structured education, DAFNE and diabetes technology including hybrid closed loop systems.

Geraldine has also had training in Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) and is interested in developing these skills further and supporting patients in their holistic management with their diabetes.

Geraldine is excited by the developments of technology within type 1 diabetes management and can often be found talking to people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals nationally and internationally educating how technology can be adapted into the patient pathway whilst ensuring equality of access.